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Those who support Moore show weak moral fiber

Re “More women describe encounters with Moore” (Nov. 16): At the end of the article, a woman says about the accusations against Roy Moore, “It could be true, it could be false, but he’s led by God, and that’s all that matters.”

First of all, we must believe in different gods, because the one that I worship would never lead anyone to be a sexual predator. Secondly, it does matter because the moral fabric of our leaders matters. I find such myopic tunnel vision to be disturbing and dangerous.

John Schroeder

Chula Vista

It looks like Alabama voters wouldn’t mind sending a possible pedophile to the Senate as long as he’s a Republican. Incredible!

Yolanda Emery

La Mesa

I take exception to your Sunday front-page photos. Lumping Roy Moore in with others accused of sexual harassment is inaccurate.

He’s been accused of being a pedophile, of molesting a young girl of 14 under the legal age of consent.

That’s a completely different level of assault and should be made clear.

David Hucknall

San Diego


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On Tuesday as our president, the moral leader of the free world, was leaving for a long weekend in Florida, he offered a shout-out to voters that was understood by millions, this way:

"No contest, Alabamians! On Dec. 12, when you choose between an accused sexual predator and a Democrat for a six-year term to the United State Senate, keep your priorities straight just as I always do. Vote for Roy Moore. He'll make America great again."

Jeanne Atherton

San Diego

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