I voted for Trump due to his stance on immigration and his campaign for fair trade and to relieve student debt. I also believe in a clean environment, as it leads to a healthy environment.

We, the people of this only Earth, the most evolved and enlightened creature roaming this planet, have a duty to Earth's well-being. Unfortunately, Trump and EPA head Scott Pruitt do not agree.

Pruitt recently removed scientific advisers from the Environmental Protection Agency and plans to replace them with heavy polluters. His decision removes intellect from the agency and competition from the market.

No matter who you voted for or who's in power, everyone needs clean air and clean water and a government that protects those things for everyone.

Tyler Kapish

Fairless Hills


Vote to reclaim our stature in the world

I was always able to sleep at night until 1959, when my life suddenly changed. I spent three years on alert in the U.S. Army, patrolling the "Iron Curtain" in Germany (protecting us from a Russian invasion).

It was the most tense experience of my young life. Looking across the East German border guards 24 hours a day, patrolling in highly fortified vehicles, stationed behind 240mm cannons that could hit targets in East Germany.

So I can imagine what the young troops guarding the North-South Korean border are going through today.

We slept in our uniforms, with our weapons and vehicles within reach. I never really had a good night's sleep. The international tensions were with us every day, every hour.

We now live in a split-second version of that existence. Back then, we at least had a stable president with a stable government, so we felt nervously comfortable. Times have changed.

If you are not worried about our current plight in the world, you should be. We have a president who thinks he can handle any situation, going to Asia to negotiate with powers as great as ours in the most naive way. We should all hunker down and hope for the best.

But let's all remember to vote to give the U.S. back the stature it once had as the world's leader with the respect of all nations.

Art Miller



Stop the bribery; gift the ban bill

Pennsylvania needs common-sense gift reform such as House Bill 39 would provide. The measure limits gifts to public officials from anyone other than friends and family members.

The bipartisan legislation specifically prohibits legislators from accepting gifts from anyone who stands to significantly benefit from a favorable opinion from the state House or Senate. Paid lobbyists and corporations routinely give expensive gifts to politicians in hopes of receiving favorable legislation for the organizations they represent.

Studies show that moneyed elites have more impact on legislation than support by the public. In order to have a responsive, accountable government, citizens must demand an end to bribery of our elected officials.

Currently, HB 39 sits in the State Government Committee, chaired by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-12. Metcalfe has refused to advance the bill. Meanwhile, Gov. Wolf has instituted a “no gift” policy in his administration.

The Pennsylvania Legislature should do the same and pass HB 39. To date, Rep. Frank Farry has not co-signed the bill or signed a petition to force the bill out of committee and to a vote. Hopefully, letters such as this will bring more awareness on the issue and force our Pennsylvania lawmakers to stop taking gifts that could influence their decision making.

Has your representative co-signed HB 39? Better yet, has your representative signed the petition to force the bill out of committee and up for a vote?

Gene Anirina