Fox News

Today's guests

  • Byron York

    Chief political correspondent, The Washington Examiner; Fox News contributor

  • Amb. John Bolton

    Former US ambassador to the UN; Fox News contributor

  • Mike Huckabee

    Former Arkansas governor; Fox News contributor

  • Rich Lowry

    Editor, National Review; Fox News contributor

  • Adrienne Elrod

    Former strategic communications director for Hillary Clinton

  • Sen. Jeff Flake

    R-Ariz.; Senate Judiciary Committee

  • Tom Fitton

    President, Judicial Watch

  • Sen. Rand Paul


  • Gen. Jack Keane

    Fox News military analyst

  • Jim Gray

    Sportscaster; Fox News contributor

  • Guy Benson

    Political editor,; Fox News contributor

  • Richard Fowler

    Talk radio host

  • Brendan 'Donut' McDonough

    Granite Mountain Hotshots survivor

  • Pat McCarty

    Former Granite Mountain Hotshots member

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