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Look Who's Talking

October 20, 2017


“The Chief of Staff General Kelly is pretty much the classiest guy in Washington D.C. tonight. That was a speech that was given by a General, by a Chief of Staff by a Gold Star father, by an American. That's exactly what people needed to hear because this - a Gold Star family is the most sacred thing we have and the bickering and the political playing politics with the families it's just unacceptable and hopefully I would like to see it just end. Okay some people said some stuff they hopefully regret and it ends and let the families grieve. I mean the President made a phone call, that's gotta be very uncomfortable. He asked Gen. Kelly what to say and he said it the best way that he could. I know Donald Trump, I had dinner with the President last week. He really cares about the military. He's not gonna insult anybody and for the way it was politicized, the way that General Kelly said it, he was stunned and it broke his heart. That got me I watched it live. It was an excellent speech at the perfect time. ”


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