Someone Stole My Tax Refund. Will I Ever Get It Back?

If an identity thief beat you to filing your own taxes this year, it’s likely not going to make you feel better knowing you aren’t alone, but it’s true. The IRS announced earlier this year that it’s anticipating $21 billion in tax refund fraud in 2016.

7 Birthdays That Can Change Your Tax Returns

The Federal income tax code has several rules that are triggered by your age. And, while birthdays are fun and simple, these tax rules can be extremely complicated. It is important to know how they apply to you.

What Happens If You Get a Tax Form After You File?

Whether you’re dropping off the paperwork at a post office or clicking a submit button online, the feeling of filing your taxes is right up there with the sense of relief you feel at the end of the last work day before a vacation. Ah, freedom. It’s temporary, but it’s nice.

5 Tax Tips for Millennials

Winging it on your taxes? You could be missing out on significant savings or worse yet, be endangering your finances and freedom by not knowing the basics.