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Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF leaders meeting to decide Mugabe future
BBC News 31m ago
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Gunman sought after Pennsylvania officer killed during traffic stop
CNN 2h ago
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Police officer shot, killed in New Kensington; hunt for suspect continues
Highly Cited Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Nov 17, 2017
Pennsylvania police chief to cop slayer during manhunt: 'We will find you'
New York Daily News 6h ago
Warrant issued for suspect in connection with fatal shooting of New Kensington police officer
Highly Cited WTAE Pittsburgh Nov 17, 2017
Police identify suspect in fatal shooting of New Kensington police officer
Local Source Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1h ago
Hillary Clinton: Trump 'is obsessed' with me
Politico 8h ago
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Hillary Clinton on Trump's Election: “There Are Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy”
Highly Cited Mother Jones Nov 17, 2017
The Hillary Effect
Opinion New York Times 14h ago
Has the Mueller Probe Hamstrung Trump's Foreign Policy?
In Depth The Atlantic Nov 17, 2017


Palestinians vow to suspend talks if US closes PLO mission
Washington Post 4h ago
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Netanyahu on Trump Peace Plan: Israel's Security Interests Will Be Deciding Factor
International Haaretz 34m ago
US threatens to close Palestinian office in Washington
CNN 11h ago
China says will work with North Korea to boost ties as envoy visits
Reuters Nov 17, 2017
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Lebanon's PM Hariri says he will be in Beirut within days
Washington Post 4h ago
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Hariri to officially resign after Lebanese Independence Day
International Arab News 10h ago
Lebanese PM Saad Hariri returning to Beirut despite his resignation
CNN 19h ago
Bassil to Skip Arab League Meeting on Iran
International Naharnet 59m ago
The Observer view on Saudi Arabia, the US and Yemen
Opinion The Guardian 10h ago
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Community organizer elected New Orleans' first woman mayor
Fox News 2h ago
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LaToya Cantrell elected New Orleans' first female mayor
Local Source 6h ago
LaToya Cantrell elected first female mayor of New Orleans
USA TODAY 4h ago
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David Cassidy in critical condition with organ failure
New York Daily News 14h ago
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Florida News and Updates on Hurricanes, Shootings and More | Daily Mail Online
Most Referenced Daily Mail 6h ago
David Cassidy Hospitalized With Reported Organ Failure
Deadline 12h ago
David Cassidy Hospitalized With Organ Failure
Fact Check Gossip Cop 14h ago
David Cassidy In Critical Condition ... Organs Failing
Highly Cited 15h ago
Harvey Weinstein Had a Secret List of Nearly 100 Names to Silence Sexual Harassment Claims (Report)
Hollywood Reporter 10h ago
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Harvey Weinstein had secret hitlist of names to quash sex scandal
Highly Cited The Guardian 12h ago
Harvey Weinstein Drew Up 91-Name List For Investigators To Target: Report
Deadline 10h ago
Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades
Highly Cited New York Times Oct 6, 2017
Want sexual misconduct by men to stop -- Start by cracking down on boys' easy access to internet porn
Opinion Fox News 13h ago
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Spotlight: Crony capitalism plays in Peoria
Opinion Chillicothe Times-Bulletin (blog) 3h ago
GospelFest features 'Portraits of Christmas' at Five Points
Peoria Journal Star 9h ago
Richwoods helps take 'burden off' heart transplant patient
Peoria Journal Star Nov 17, 2017
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