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Dozens reportedly killed in Egypt mosque attack
CBS News 24m ago
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54 Killed after Gunfire, Explosives Strike Mosque in Egypt's North Sinai
From Egypt Egyptian Streets 25m ago
54 killed as Egypt militants attack mosque in Sinai
Los Angeles Times 16m ago
The Latest: State news says 54 killed in Egypt mosque attack
Washington Post 2m ago
Egypt mosque attack - live updates: Explosion and gun assault in North Sinai leaves at least 75 dead
Live Updating The Independent 27m ago
Why Putin's Foes Deplore US Fixation on Election Meddling
New York Times 4h ago
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Kremlin Media Claims Putin Calendars Are Big Hit in the UK
From Russia The Moscow Times 2h ago
New Manafort travel docs reveal closer ties to Russia: report
Fox News 15h ago
Paul Manafort Flew 18 Times to Moscow and Frequently Reached Putin's Allies, Records Show
Newsweek 16h ago
The Past and Present of Trump's Russia Ties
Opinion U.S. News & World Report Nov 22, 2017
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US Online Sales Surge, Shoppers Throng Stores on Thanksgiving Evening
U.S. News & World Report 9h ago
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Amazon workers in Germany, Italy stage Black Friday strike
ABC News 40m ago
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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon: The Definitive 3DS Pokemon Experience
GameSpot 7h ago
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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Virtual Console Unlocks - Serebii
Most Referenced Serebii 22h ago
Latest 'Pokémon' games include an ode to Nintendo's late president
Engadget 1h ago
Pokemon Ultra Moon Review
Game Rant 14h ago
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Uma Thurman to Harvey Weinstein: "You Don't Deserve a Bullet"
Hollywood Reporter 12h ago
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#metoo • Instagram photos and videos
Most Referenced Instagram 42m ago
Uma Thurman slams Harvey Weinstein: 'You don't deserve a bullet' (blog) 14h ago
Uma Thurman Breaks Silence on Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Misconduct, Says 'Me Too'
Entertainment Tonight 1h ago
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This might be the worst offense in Giants history (and that's saying something) | Politi 45m ago
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Dak Prescott: We need to find a way out of this funk 1h ago
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