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Brutally killed by Charles Manson's followers, Sharon Tate became the face of victims' rights
Washington Post 34m ago
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Charles Manson Dead at 83
Highly Cited 12h ago
Charles Manson death: Where are the Family members now?
BBC News 52m ago
What It Was Like Meeting Charles Manson
Featured 2h ago
The human side of Charlie Manson
Opinion Los Angeles Times 5h ago


German president presses parties to form coalition for good of Europe after talks collapse
Reuters 1h ago
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Germany's Angela Merkel prefers fresh elections over minority government
International Deutsche Welle 40m ago
Germany Faces Prolonged Uncertainty After Coalition Talks Fail
In Depth New York Times 10m ago
The Guardian view on Germany's political crisis: the start of the post-Merkel era?
Opinion The Guardian 1h ago
Argentinian navy detects noises that could be from missing sub
CNN 56m ago
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The White House just endorsed Roy Moore, for all intents and purposes
Washington Post 1h ago
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Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman shares why she went public in exclusive interview
Highly Cited 4h ago
Roy Moore And The Dangerous Rise Of Christian Nationalism
In Depth HuffPost 42m ago
What GOP values? Republicans will back an alleged child predator if it means they can win
Opinion Chicago Tribune 1h ago
President Trump today: Live updates
Live Updating CNN 2h ago
Woman with crude anti-Trump sticker adds new decal to her truck
CBS News 34m ago
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Woman with 'F__k Trump' sticker adds new one: 'F__k Troy Nehls'
Highly Cited KHOU 14h ago
Texas sheriff sparks free speech debate after calling out anti-Trump truck sticker 28m ago
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American Music Awards 2017: What You Didn't See on TV
Us Weekly 27m ago
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Harrison Ford steps in to help woman whose car ran off the road
ABC News 2h ago
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Harrison Ford Helps Driver Whose Car Veered Off Road
Highly Cited Hollywood Reporter 18h ago
Harrison Ford Plays Hero Once More
Vanity Fair 2h ago
Harrison Ford Still Playing Hero ... Helps Woman Who Drove Off Highway
Highly Cited 20h ago
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Donald Trump is tweeting about Marshawn Lynch sitting during the US national anthem
SB Nation 2h ago
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Trump calls out Marshawn Lynch, who sat for the US national anthem but stood for Mexico's anthem
Highly Cited Washington Post 11h ago
Trump criticizes Marshawn Lynch for sitting during US national anthem and standing for Mexico's
Los Angeles Times 1h ago
Eagles-Cowboys: What we learned 1h ago
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Dallas Cowboys Football News, Schedule, Roster, Stats - SB Nation
Most Referenced SB Nation 5h ago
For second straight game, second half a disaster for Cowboys
ESPN (blog) 32m ago
Philadelphia Eagles Football News, Schedule, Roster, Stats - SB Nation
Most Referenced SB Nation 5h ago
Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery among 9 key players from Eagles' 37-9 win over Cowboys
Opinion 12h ago
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