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Trump Defends Roy Moore, Citing Candidate's Denial of Sexual Misconduct
New York Times 8h ago
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The Latest: Supporters of Mladic praise their 'hero'
Washington Post 47m ago
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KCP's late spree boosts Lakers to biggest comeback win of season
ESPN 2h ago
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Ex-Braves GM John Coppolella permanently banned; team loses prospects
ESPN 10h ago
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MLB hits Altanta Braves with harsh sanctions
The Boston Globe 8h ago
Former Braves GM Coppolella joins short list of living people banned from baseball 11h ago
Kevin Maitan Stats & Scouting Report - Baseball America
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MLB Removing Prospects From Braves
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The case for flowing water on Mars is drying up
Washington Post Nov 20, 2017
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NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today's Mars | NASA
Most Referenced NASA 23h ago
Water Isn't Actually Flowing on Mars, Suggests New Result
Gizmodo 19h ago
NASA: Mars' strange streaks might not be water after all
CNET Nov 20, 2017
Previous Evidence of Water on Mars Now Identified as Grainflows
Highly Cited United States Geological Survey Nov 20, 2017
Granular flows at recurring slope lineae on Mars indicate a limited role for liquid water | Nature Geoscience
Most Referenced Nature 2h ago
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Big Tobacco's court-ordered ads make their debut
CNN 11h ago
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