Baltimore Detective Was Killed With His Own Gun: Commissioner

BALTIMORE, MD — A week after a veteran homicide detective was gunned down in the line of duty, Baltimore's top cop gave additional details surrounding the death of Detective Sean Suiter. The 43-year-old was shot with his own weapon at close range, the police commissioner said. He was also shot the day before he was to give grand jury testimony in the case of Baltimore officers who were indicted in March.

"While I understand the wild possibilities that go through people's minds when we all want answers, I'm determined to keep following the evidence," Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said at a press conference Wednesday evening.

"Detective Suiter and his partner were in a very dangerous area following up on a brutal murder..." Davis said. The case involved a 2016 triple homicide. "Detective Suiter's not interviewing schoolteachers and mailmen."

Suiter was "shot and killed with his own weapon," Davis said. "There's no other firearm that we're aware of."

Based on the investigation, there were indications of a struggle, police said. Detectives were looking into evidence that included a radio transmission and personal surveillance.

The radio transmission was brief "but it's definitely made in distress," Davis said.

It was "a matter of several seconds," Davis said, with what is believed to be gunfire in the background. Police were working with the FBI to try and get a clearer understanding of the radio transmission, he added.

Clothing from Suiter also showed signs of a struggle, the commissioner said.

The "evidence of a struggle was brief and violent," Davis said. "We know when Detective Suiter went into that confrontation, and we know where his partner was at the time as well."

Suiter was shot in a grassy spot near Bennett Place and fled to the back of the location that leads to Schroeder.

His partner took cover nearby.

A week after Suiter was shot in a grassy spot between rowhomes, authorities said that they were still in need of information.

Many people have been interviewed, including persons of interest who have been arrested for crimes in the area, Davis said.

"We're one tip, one arrest, one field contact away from breaking this thing wide open," Davis said.

"We'll continue to follow the evidence," Davis said. "We're determined to get it right."

There's "no evidence whatsoever" that Suiter was under investigation, Davis said, citing the FBI and U.S. Attorney.

The interaction between Suiter and his killer was a "spontaneous observation," Davis said, based on a suspiciously behaving person.

"If you think you have something to tell us, you have something to tell us," Davis said. "It's never too late to call us and give us a tip."

Watch: Slain Baltimore Police Detective Was To Testify

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