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White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

40 Questions You Have in Your Vendor Security Assessment

Our goal with this guide is to help you get started with the creation of your vendor security risk assessment. This is not intended to be an out-of-box security assessment solution, but rather, a guide to get you headed in the right direction. We'll explain the top three frameworks you should be examining, questions you may want to consider (and why you should potentially consider them) and what else to include in your VRM program.

White Paper | Presented by Catchpoint

API Monitoring: A Primer

APIs power today's connected digital world, extending the functionality of web applications and driving automation. While they improve extensibility and innovation, API's can also hurt your end-user's experience if integrations are not available or functioning properly, so API monitoring has become critical to protecting performance.

White Paper | Presented by Catchpoint

China: Setting Up a Web Presence in the World's Most Populous Nation

China represents a tremendous opportunity for online companies who can deliver a superior experience behind the "Great Firewall." Ecommerce sales in China are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020 and the $17.8 billion spent on Single's Day in 2016 dwarfs the $3.45 billion spent on the US equivalent, Cyber Monday. But digital experience management in China requires a different strategy.

eBook | Presented by Catchpoint

Handbook: SLA Monitoring

With more applications moving to the cloud, the role of IT moves from managing performance and availability, to governance. Ensuring service level agreements (SLAs) are being met is important for both the consumer and provider of a SaaS service. SLAs provide the consumer with objective grading criteria and protection from poor service.

White Paper | Presented by Catchpoint

How to Start an IT Monitoring Initiative

Business performance is the only thing that really matters in terms of the goal of your IT monitoring activities. Infrastructure and operations leaders must use the best practice of a business-oriented, top-down approach and identify ways to improve overall monitoring costs and delivery.

eBook | Presented by Catchpoint

Using Digital Experience Monitoring for Cloud Performance Management

There's a lot of talk about migrating applications to the cloud and managing the cloud's performance, but what exactly does this mean?

Are You Making Time to Innovate?

The formula for achieving business success in today's always-on, always-evolving business environment begins and ends with innovation. It's a prerequisite for staying ahead of the competition and customer needs. Likewise, constantly evolving your business model to align with customer buying behavior is the new normal. Learn why there's no better time than the present to put innovation on the IT agenda in this informative article.

Comprehensive TCO Analysis of UCaaS Versus On-Premises UC

In this Windstream Whitepaper, we examine key factors that lead to savings with the adoption of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), offering deeper insights and comparisons of total cost of ownership for a UCaaS solution versus customer-owned IP PBX. While many IT professionals believe that the total cost of ownership of on-premises IP PBX is lower than UCaaS, research indicates that the total cost output is more similar than expected.

Masiello Group Case Study

The Masiello Group, a large regional provider of real estate and home ownership services, turned to Windstream for a flexible, scalable solution to connect their business with multiple offices across four states. In this case study video, hear how Windstream leveraged Ethernet, Data Center Solutions, UCaaS and Managed Network Security to optimize communications and collaboration.

OfficeSuite with Windstream SD-WAN

100% Cloud-based unified communications and SD-WAN join forces for supreme reliability and quality of service.

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