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  1. 48 seconds ago
  2. 7 minutes ago

    . tweets about his time at Camp David with military leaders.

  3. 13 minutes ago

    . on assassination post: "We gotta start turning back to God... and start loving one another."

  4. 17 minutes ago

    . on Dem. response to assassination comment: "It's not about unity, it's about picking sides."

  5. 20 minutes ago

    . on online threat: "If you have to put hashtags yourself to stand with you, you probably got some problems."

  6. 23 minutes ago

    Virginia city, site of two Civil War battles, cancels upcoming reenactment weekend

  7. 25 minutes ago
  8. 28 minutes ago

    . on : "All presidents have tough weeks. I believe this will be background noise once we get taxes done."

  9. 32 minutes ago

    .: "The is taking leadership over the Hill to get this through the Hill for tax cuts."

  10. 33 minutes ago

    Second officer in Kissimmee, Florida shooting dies

  11. 36 minutes ago
  12. 43 minutes ago
  13. 44 minutes ago
  14. 47 minutes ago

    Boston 'Free Speech Rally' cut short as conservative activists leave counterprotesters behind

  15. 1 hour ago

    Frontier Airlines kicks father and daughter off flight for 'disrespectful remarks'

  16. 2 hours ago

    Builder Second Class Clifford Simmons studies the Wall That Heals during Week in Montana

  17. 2 hours ago

    Could the human remains found in Aruba be Natalee Holloway? Experts weigh in

  18. 2 hours ago
  19. 2 hours ago
  20. 2 hours ago

    Confederate displays in the United States

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