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  1. Mar 8

    Ross blew up what had been an agreed plan--more than enough reason for Cohn to quit. And who wants to follow him (or stay), knowing that's how things work? Après Cohn, le Deluge? by via

  2. Mar 8

    For the record (and just saying) it was Democrats who coined the term "fair trade."

  3. Mar 8

    I also love how all the protectionists say we are just punishing the "cheaters" while ignoring that we cheat with the best of them. Can anyone say ag subsidies? Boeing? Nike? GM?

  4. Mar 8

    Tariffs don't drain the swamp. Tariffs ARE the swamp. They come from special pleaders. I'm still amazed so few people are noting that Wilbur Ross is a former steel honcho, who just wangled a huge handout for his steel buddies.

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    Mar 7
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    True. Bullying donors is the main reason Democrats push for disclosure in campaign finance. details this brilliantly in her book The Intimidation Game.

  6. Mar 6
  7. Mar 6

    Hilarious. is so unnerved by that she narrates an entire video on him, smearing even his teenage years. The dude is living rent-free in her head. Total badge of honor. Who is Mick Mulvaney? Narrated by Elizabeth Warren

  8. Mar 6

    Fascinating watching Gary Oldman discuss Darkest Hour with Dr. Larry Arnn

  9. Mar 6

    It was my honor to be part of the Hillsdale 2018 National Leadership Seminar. Lots of fun. "Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?" - Kimberley Strassel via

  10. Mar 6

    Elizabeth Warren loses another one. Warren Democrats for Wall Street via

  11. Mar 6

    Ross's comments on soup cans bear an unfortunate elitist comparison to Pelosi's comments on breadcrumbs. These tariffs will hurt lower-income Americans. via

  12. Mar 6

    Cochran deserves credit for stepping aside in the face of health issues. That is unfortunately not the norm in the Senate.

  13. Mar 6

    Have a listen to this Tuesday's Potomac Watch podcast featuring and and me! All about steel tariffs and the Pa-18 race.

  14. Mar 1

    Folks are criticizing Sessions, but it's important to separate out what deserves criticism and what not. His IG call was right--DOJ has no business investigating DOJ. How to Probe the FBI, by via

  15. Show of parental hands: "How many of you look to your teens for political wisdom?" via

  16. Where California Democrats go, so go the 2020 contenders... via

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    Feb 25
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    But there’s no profit in Mental Health. That’s the whole problem. It costs way too much with too little results for too long. Treatment is poor at best and not long enough and the people being treated fall through the cracks way too easily.

  20. Hi Tommy. (Do you really go by "Tommy?") Hope you also had a nice Sunday, And please.. do keep trying. Regards, Kim.


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