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Washington And The World

A Castro in All But Name?

Cuba’s new president inherits an island stuck in limbo. He’ll need to finish what his predecessor started.

By Brian Latell

Donald Trump is pictured. | Getty Images


The Republican High-Water Mark

The GOP won a gift for the ages when Trump was elected. But that enthusiastic wave has all but receded.

By Rich Lowry


Washington And The World

How Trump Can Win Big in North Korea

Cutting a deal with Kim Jong Un won’t be easy. But all the alternatives are worse.

By Graham Allison


Fourth Estate

What Does Jeff Bezos Want?

It’s been almost five years since the Amazon CEO purchased the Washington Post, and still we don’t know for certain why he bought it.

By Jack Shafer

Donald Trump is pictured. | Getty


Trump’s Lifelong Addiction

It’s not alcohol, or even women. It’s his lawyers, and they’re now his biggest vulnerability.

By Gwenda Blair

President Donald Trump exits Air Force One. | Getty Images

Washington And The World

Why Japan Is Begging Trump for Help

Escaping overseas as scandals explode at home is perhaps the oldest of political strategies. Japan’s Shinzo Abe hopes to make it seem new again as he arrives at Mar-a-Lago this week.

By William Pesek

Jeff Sessions is pictured. | Getty

Law And Order

Trump Administration Wants to Shut Door on Abused Women

To cut back on immigration, Sessions wants to remove domestic abuse as a legal justification for seeking asylum.

By Julia Preston


The Big Idea

Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Anything. It’ll Change Politics Forever.

How digital fabrication is revolutionizing everything.

By Neil Gershenfeld, Alan Gershenfeld and Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld



Just How Dangerous Is Donald Trump?

In her final podcast, Susan Glasser reflects on the president’s erratic foreign policy—and discusses some scenarios for a risk-filled year ahead.
Susan B. Glasser

By Susan B. Glasser



Joe Biden Is the Front-runner. Uh-oh.

The former vice president may be beloved, but he is also out of step with the post-Trump Democratic Party.
Charlie Mahtesian

By Charlie Mahtesian


Fourth Estate

James Comey Is Doing It Wrong

His showboating book tour is provoking sympathy for President Trump.

By Jack Shafer


Letter From Washington

D.C.’s Silent Gun Slaughter

In one of the most troubled neighborhoods in the nation’s capital, a new center is trying to stop the bloodshed.
Joanne Kenen

By Joanne Kenen





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