Here’s David Epstein’s latest snow forecast

–Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

Snow is falling across the region. Some of the largest accumulations thus far have occurred over southeastern Massachusetts, where the snow will change to rain this morning.

Areas to the north and west of Boston will not see that changeover, and that’s where the largest snow totals will occur. In the city, the snow will be heavier and wetter with temperatures rising above freezing. There’s a chance you’ll see a couple of raindrops before this whole thing ends, but I don’t think the rain-snow line will make it into the city of Boston.

Much of the snow on Cape Cod will fall early, but the changeover to rain will wash much of it away, making what remains very heavy.


Snowfall predictions


Because temperatures are relatively mild along the coastline and the immediate interior, roads will tend to stay on the wetter side. Further inland, it’s more likely the snow will stick on the roads. If you’re shoveling, plan on heavy wet stuff at the coast and lighter, textured snow as you move west.

Most of the school cancellations are over the interior of the state — schools in the city of Boston will be open today. We’re only expecting 2 to 4 inches of snow, and much of it will fall while the kids are in school.

The snow is caused by a low-pressure system moving off the coast. It’s a very weak storm without a lot of moisture, and wind is certainly not an issue. We also don’t have any coastal concerns with this particular storm.

Precipitation continues to stream north Monday morning. (COD Weather)

A winter storm warning is in effect over inland areas, but a winter weather advisory is posted along the coast.

The snow will wrap up this afternoon and early evening. Most will have fallen by about 2 to 4 p.m., but there may be some lingering flurries for a couple of hours after that.


Temperatures over the next few days are going to be relatively mild, and they’ll become increasingly mild into the weekend, which will melt some of what’s on the ground. Highs on Saturday and Sunday will reach into the 40s. If you’re headed to the Patriots game, look for a blend of clouds and sunshine with temperatures at around 45 degrees for kickoff.

Beyond the weekend, there may be another storm system early next week in the form of rain or inland snow, but that is still so far away the details won’t become clear until we head into the weekend.