BlackBerry Outage Not Winning Any Fans for RIM

Research in Motion (RIM)--maker of the popular BlackBerry line of smartphones, confirmed an email outage earlier today. The issue has since been resolved, and RIM reports that service is back to normal, but it's never good for marketing or public relations to have the word "outage" come up.

BlackBerry service hit by second outage in a week

An outage hit BlackBerry smartphone service in the Americas on Tuesday night, operator Research In Motion confirmed via its support service. The outage is the second to affect users in less than a week.



Benefits of lobbying evident for small drugmaker

Tucked in the massive congressional budget bill is a provision that props up the price Medicare pays for a handful of medications, costing taxpayers millions at a time when the Trump administration is vowing to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Where Will Facebook Go From Here?

The social media network finally responds to the privacy data breach concerns, and Zuckerberg’s comments raise a few questions about the company’s future.


The Quick and Dirty on Tariffs

President Trump’s steel tariffs will shake up the economy in some major ways, and most of them don’t look promising.