A photo lets you share a moment. But a 360 Photo lets your friends and family explore the moment with you. And now you can take 360 Photos right from your Facebook app. Just look for the ‘360 Photo’ icon in your status menu and start capturing.

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August 10

Admins like Haley Woods of Girls Love Travel, teach us so much about building community and how we can improve Facebook Groups for everyone!

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Chris Cox
August 10

We hosted Haley Woods today, founder-celebrity of Girls Love Travel, the latest in our “get to know the people who run the most important groups on Facebook” se...ries.

She started the group 19 months ago to make it easier for women to travel more safely, meet up on the road and find a trustworthy circle of friends anywhere. This week they crossed 400k members. They’re adding a thousand members a day now across over a hundred local chapters.

Haley described the keys to keeping the group organized and safe. A four-week online training she built from scratch to train the group’s moderators, and a 20-page document outlining the rules of engagement. She told stories of members who’d never met finding and helping each other during scary travel crises – replacing lost passports, providing emergency places to stay, even making bedside visits in Bangkok hospitals.

Haley recently quit her day job to run Girls Love Travel full time, and her community adores her — she had to run off after our visit to host a group of 60 San Francisco members who wanted to take her wine tasting.

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There is now a community of 2 billion people active on Facebook every month. To celebrate, we made a personalized video highlighting some of the good each of us puts out there each day.

To access your video, go to facebook.com/goodaddsup.

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June 14

Today the GIF turns 30! And while everyone loves GIFs, how to SAY “GIF” is still up for debate. So, how do you pronounce the “G”?