windows 10 assistive technology loophole

Microsoft phased out support for Windows 8.1 last week, making the upgrade to Windows 10 a more urgent choice. The last...

cam iq outdoor6

Nest follows the blueprint of the Nest Cam IQ indoor camera with its second outdoor model.

iHome iAVS16B

Though it has some growing to do, iHome + Alexa make for an impressive couple.

1 ceo target threat

Top execs make big targets, especially when traveling abroad. Here’s how to protect C-level officers from whaling, espionage, and themselves.

thinkstock 500773792 cpu processor

Spectre and Meltdown are the names given to a trio of variations on a vulnerability that affects nearly every computer chip manufactured in the last 20 years. The flaws are so fundamental and widespread that security...

2018 01 12 10.13.39

I just patched the Surface Book with the Meltdown and Spectre patches. Here's how much it hurt.

alexa echo caseta bridge

The Amazon Alexa platform dominated CES this year. The virtual assistant is shaping up to be the most important new operating system.


Avira Antivirus Pro is great for detecting viruses and offers minimal impact on your PC's performance. Still, you don't get that much for $45 per year compared to the free version.